Who We Are

Kasta’s designers and creators, Jessie & Kelly, are longtime friends and eternal artists and makers. Over the years they have created a whole host of concepts out of different mediums. Some of these include paint on canvas, repurposed furniture and antiques, home décor, garden signs, yard games and even flipping houses. When they decided to create unique pieces of concrete jewelry, they were hooked. So, they decided to collaborate for the first time and bring these designs to you!
Enter: kasta.

Kasta's handmade pieces are truly unique. Each piece of concrete jewelry is different from color to texture and has slight differences or imperfections that are not "flaws" but actually make each piece better and more special. This is how we should all look at ourselves, right?!

Get to Know Jessie

Hi! I'm Jessie, co-founder of kasta. I live in Moorhead, MN with my husband, our high school-aged son and a variety of pets. We also have a daughter in college. I work full-time running the histology lab for a local university.

I am passionate about home design, DIY everything, woodworking, blogging, painting and refinishing, home remodeling, and basically anything that involves building and creativity.

Over the last 10 years my wood and furniture designs through my business, de-uglied designs, have been featured in local boutiques and publications and even won the 2015 General Finishes national design contest in the category of Best Staging.

For me, having a creative outlet is about as important as air and food, and I tend to tackle my endeavors with obsessive degree of gusto.

Get to Know Kelly

I'm glad you're here! I'm Kelly, co-founder of kasta. I was born and raised in Minnesota, but now live across the river in Fargo, ND with my husband, two young daughters and our ragdoll named Princess Fluffy Marshmallow.

I have worked in the senior care field for over 15 years in senior housing, hospice and homecare all while making and selling my artistic creations online, in coffee shops and boutiques. I love color and how it shifts a moment or a mood.  Visitors to my home are welcomed by a bright yellow door and lots of bold tones which, luckily, my husband isn't afraid of.  My hobby page can be viewed at The Painted Canvas where I have played around with various mediums for years. 

I joke that artwork is my therapy, but I'm not really joking when I say that.  My friends and family will tell you that I'm most happy when I'm creating something and my hands are full of paint.  Ultimately, God is my favorite artist. Every star-filled sky, sunrise or sunset or spiky frost leaves me in awe.